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Michigan iGaming And November Sports Betting Earnings

Michigan commercial and tribal operators reported total internet gaming receipts and total sports betting receipts of $29.2 million in November. Total receipts were up 1.9% over October results.

Total iGaming receipts in November totaled $175.3 million, the highest to date. The previous high was $171.8 million, recorded in March 2023. Total sports betting receipts in November totaled $33.9 million. Total iGaming receipts last month were $160.3 million, while sports betting totals were $45 million.

Total iGaming and internet sports betting adjusted gross receipts (AGR) for November were $158.1 million, including $157.8 million in iGaming and $294.81 million in internet sports betting, a 9.4% increase in iGaming and a 98.7% decrease in sports betting compared to October 2023. Compared to November 2022 reported earnings, iGaming AGR was up 20.5% and sports betting was down 98.9%.

The total internet sports betting handle was $568.8 million, up 6.7% from the $533 million recorded in October 2023. It is the highest internet sports betting handle to date.

Businesses reported filing the following $33.6 million in taxes and payments to Michigan for the month of November:

Internet Game Taxes and Fees: $32.9 Million
Internet Sports Betting Taxes and Fees: $740,056

For the month of November, three Detroit casinos reported paying the city of Detroit the following $8.4 million in levies and corrective service fees:

Internet Game Taxes and Fees: $8.2 Million
Internet Sports Betting Taxes and Fees: $180,872

Tribal operators reported paying $4.1 million to government agencies in November.

Online gaming and sports betting revenue distribution tables can be found on the agency’s website.

As of November, a total of 15 commercial and tribal operators were authorized to start iGaming and/or internet sports betting. Currently, 14 commercial and tribal operators offer internet sports betting and 15 offer iGaming. 슬롯사이트 순위



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