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Massachusetts Gaming Commission Denies Resorts-Casino License

Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) voted against granting commercial resort-casino licenses in southeastern Massachusetts (area C).

After a detailed and comprehensive evaluation process, the five game commissioners voted 4-1 not to issue a resort-casino license to the only applicant, MG&E (Mass Gaming & Entertainment). 슬롯머신

Chairman Steve Crosby and Commissioners Gail Cameron, Bruce Stevins and Enrique Zuniga voted not to award the licence, while Commissioner Lloyd McDonald voted in favor of it.

Beginning April 26, 2016, members of the Massachusets Gaming Commission presented a review of the Category 1 RFA-2 application submitted by MG&E for the resort-casino proposal in Brockton. Each of the five members took the lead in overseeing a group of advisors and industry experts to evaluate applications in accordance with the committee’s key evaluation categories, including finance, economic development, building & site design, mitigation, and general/overview.

“We have evaluated and deliberated as thoroughly and comprehensively as possible,” said Chairman Steve Crosby. “We acknowledge that these decisions are difficult and can be extremely disappointing for participants who have invested. However, in the end, the Commission is responsible for making a critical decision, taking into account all considerations and the best long-term interests of the Commonwealth. I would like to take this opportunity to commend the dedication and hard work of our applicant, Mass Gaming & Entertainment LLC, Mayor Brockton City and Mayor Bill Carpenter’s support and enthusiasm for the community, as well as my fellow Commissioners, MGC employees, and those who participated in the evaluation process. “


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