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An illegal gambling organization run by Alvin Chau, founder of Macau-based gambling operator Suncity Group, received more than $42 billion in bets from Chinese gamblers from 2015 to 2019, Asian Gaming Brief reported. During that time, the syndicate organized a cross-border gambling business through a number of agents to bring in about $2.4 million in revenue. With Macau banning online gambling and mainland China not allowing any form of gambling, Suncity Group’s founder and CEO was sentenced to 18 years in prison in January 2022.

$42.2 billion in illegal handling:

As reported by Asian Gaming Brief, details of how the syndicate operates have been revealed by China’s state-run TV CCTV. According to reports, the broadcaster devised an amount handled by banks and agents that were used as intermediaries to deliver funds to illegal online organizations as well as illegal organizations.

According to the source, Alvin Chow launched an online gambling business in the Philippines in 2015 to attract customers from mainland China. No details have been given about the geographical reach of the networks used to target Chinese customers, but the investigation has revealed that agents from 283 syndicates across the country are testifying about the extent enough to handle $42.2 billion in illegal operations over five years.

Important roles of Suncity Executives:

Alvin Chow was reportedly arrested by Macau judicial police following an arrest order by a court in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, in 2021. The Wenzhou Intermediate Court reportedly held a trial in August 2022 and designated Alvin Chow and Zhang Ningning as leaders of a cross-border gambling group. Judge Wang Haojie says the gambling group used Shenxi’s IT and financial infrastructure for illegal ventures to clearly indicate Chow’s role. According to Asian Gaming Brief, Ning Ningning managed a related wealth management company in mainland China.

According to the report, Judge Wang said, “Chau acted as an agent by luring others with the bait of fees and dividends to maximize profits. Through these agents, he organized and attracted Chinese people to participate in gambling or cross-border online gambling at a gambling place run by Shenxi.”

How it works:

Judge Wang reportedly added that agents had to buy at least $640,000 in stock to participate in the scheme. In return, they had to achieve at least $6.4 million in handling per month. Sources said the operation plan involved 283 Chinese agents, which generated a total of $42.2 billion in handling from 2015 to 2019, and received financial and service support from a syndicated company established in China for that purpose. The group reportedly used illegal shadow banks to settle gambling funds and remain invisible to the competent authorities.

Profits of $2.4 million:

As the Asian Gaming Brief reported, the court said, “Syndicate also established or provided technical support or services, such as gambler management, vehicle transportation, promotion, and public relations, through a Chinese company, further hiding the entire criminal activity.” According to the sources, the group violated a series of national regulations that made a total of about $163 million in cross-border payments to make more than $2.4 million in illegal profits.

As a result, Alvin Chow was sentenced to 18 years in prison in January 2023. The case affected an immediate regulatory change, and the court reportedly stated, “As Chinese authorities criminalized all types of solicitation to participate in cross-border gambling, it directly led to the revision of the criminal law.” 파워볼사이트


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