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Jeffrey Kiang, an analyst at capital markets and investment group CLSA Ltd, estimates that the Macau gaming industry could generate $29.2 billion in 2024 total gaming revenue. As GGRAsia reports, this handling will represent nearly 30% growth compared to the levels achieved by Macau gaming operators in 2023.

As of 2019:

Kiang’s 2024 total gaming revenue estimate will reportedly account for around 82% of the 2019 figure. In fact, Macau’s gaming market reached its peak of decline in the years that followed in 2019 due to the pandemic-induced shutdown of gaming facilities. The market reopened on Jan. 8, 2023, and grew quickly throughout the year. However, stakeholders and analysts may think that the market has fully recovered once it reaches 2019 levels. Sources say CLSA expects Macau’s casino industry to continue to lag behind baseline levels, with modest increases in 2025.

$29.2 billion handle expected in 2024:

In 2019, the city’s operators grossed about $35.6 billion in total gaming revenue. The agency reportedly expects to reach 82 percent ($29.2 billion) of its 2019 tally in 2024, followed by an 89 percent stake in 2025. “By sector, we expect total mass GGR (including premium mass, excluding slot machines) in 2024 to reach $23.2 billion (or HK$181.2 billion, 18% above 2019 levels),” Kiang told the source

At the same time, the estimated 2024 handling of $29.2 billion is reportedly a 28.4% increase from $22.75 billion handled by the industry in 2023. According to GGRAsia, the biggest contributor to annual growth in 2024 may be characterized by increased visits from mainland China. Kiang reportedly expects this major driver of Macau’s gaming and hospitality sector to continue its recovery to pre-pandemic levels.

“Mathematically, the first half of 2023 was still a low base for Macau’s GGR, as Macau took time to address the understaffing bottleneck and increase [transport capacity] in China,” the analyst said. We expect [2024] holiday GGR performance to be solid in terms of the split between “first half (Chinese New Year and May golden week) and second half (summer holiday and October golden week).

Market Leader:

As GGRAsia reports, exact 2023 gross game sales figures are still expected. FYI, the 2023 report now stands at $22.75 billion, accounting for 64% of 2019 GGR levels. As a whole, Macau casino operators Sands China, Galaxy Entertainment Group, and MGM China Holdings are expected to hold the largest market share in 2023, with total sales figures estimated at around $6.1 billion, $4.14 billion, and $3.31 billion, respectively. CLSA reportedly expects Sands China and Galaxy Entertainment to maintain their largest market share in 2024.

CLSA reportedly estimates the Macau gaming sector’s EBITDA to reach $8.5 billion, accounting for 92% of 2019 levels, as its 2024 gaming total revenue forecast is set at $29.2 billion. 바카라사이트 추천


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