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Lee Kang-in 23 is still the most popular man of Paris Saint-Germain PSG.

Spanish media Mundo Deportivo seems to be greatly surprised that Lee Kang-in’s uniform sales this season are comparable to that of world-class star Kylian Mbappe on the 3rd. The media said, “Lee Kang-in from Korea has emerged as a marketing target in Paris Saint-Germain. It surpasses Mbappe in online uniform sales.”

It is not the first time that Lee Kang-in’s uniform is sold like hot cakes. At the end of last year, the official website of French Ligue 1 took it seriously. At the time, Ligue 1 said, “The undercover superstar of Paris Saint-Germain is Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in’s shirt is more noticeable than Mbappe and Usman Dembele as it is sold like hot cakes.”

Paris Saint-Germain is also focusing on the marketing of Lee Kang-in. When Lee Kang-in was introduced last summer, Lee Kang-in’s uniform was placed at the center of the official store to respond to the enthusiasm of Korean and Asian fans. Lee Kang-in is also at the center of marketing. He used Lee Kang-in as his third uniform model for Paris Saint-Germain this season, and has already promoted his uniform twice in Korean.

France is familiar with Lee Kang-in’s popularity. “Europeans may not realize it yet, but Lee Kang-in is the real superstar of Paris Saint-Germain. Thanks to Lee Kang-in, Korean tourists continue to flock to Paris Saint-Germain’s home stadium.” This enthusiasm was also brought on by Lee Kang-in when he played for Mallorca.

Spain seems to have been quite unfamiliar. Mundo Deportivo analyzed the background of Lee’s popularity, saying, “Most of Lee’s sales, which surpassed Mbappe on online platforms after the opening of the season, come from Asia.”

This does not end with the sale of uniforms. Lee Kang-in’s products are also known to be very popular in offline stores. In addition, fans visiting Paris to watch Lee Kang-in’s game began to open their wallets widely, becoming the main promotional ambassador of Paris Saint-Germain.

Mundo Deportivo said, “Thanks to Lee Kang-in’s existence, Korean fans account for the second largest portion of Paris Saint-Germain after France. The number of YouTube channel subscribers has increased by more than 20,000, and the number of Korean fans visiting their home stadium has increased by 20 percent,” stressing Lee Kang-in’s influence.

The background of Lee Kang-in’s syndrome is his ability. Lee Kang-in, who jumped into a big club based on his performance in Majorca, has firmly established his position as a main player in Paris Saint-Germain. Coach Luis Enrique is constantly busy praising Lee Kang-in’s talent.

Enrique, who had been paying attention to Lee since his Majorca days, said at the end of last year, “Lee Kang-in is probably a little unfamiliar to those who do not watch Spanish Primera Liga.” “He played right and left wingers. It is very important. Lee Kang-in has technical ability. And he sacrifices himself for his team.”

“It is almost unknown to players who do not watch Primera Liga, but he is a superstar in Korea. He is a very important player for our team. He played as a right winger or left winger, and can play in the center, and sometimes he can play Pulse Nine. He has the best technical skills, excellent defense, and sacrifices himself for his team. It is really nice to have such a player on our team.”

In return, Lee has been influencing in all positions by scoring four goals and three assists even though it is his first season in Paris Saint-Germain. He is recognized by his teammates first. In a recent interview with online sports betting company “Parion Sports,” Vitinha and Bradley Barcola said Lee Kang-in is the best in their team in terms of vision and accuracy.

There is also a factor for him to run further in the future. Lee Kang-in traveled long distances during the A-match period, but it was a time when he put a lot of pressure on his mind. While the ping pong gate, which had emerged during the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar, still attracted attention, Lee Kang-in shook off his debt in the fourth away match of the second Asian regional qualifying round for the 2026 FIFA North Korea-China World Cup against Thailand.

On this day, Lee Kang-in personally assisted Son Heung-min’s goal in the 9th minute of the second half. It was Lee Kang-in, who had been the key to the national team’s attack throughout the game. Lee Kang-in always started the work of deploying the Korean attack and scored a brilliant left-footed pass. And when he saw Son Heung-min in a good position, he connected an exquisite penetration pass to help him score. The two hugged and shared their goal ceremony together, blowing away all rumors of discord at once.

After finishing the national team’s schedule with a smile, Lee has escaped from the rigid environment. He had ample opportunity to show off his lighter mindset and physical movement at Paris Saint-Germain as well. 스포츠중계


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