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“Lee Bum-ho was really smart from the time he was a rookie”

“He was a really strong guy.”

Tucson, Arizona, USA, home of the NC Dinos’ spring training camp. Manager Kang Ki-won watches the players train.

It’s been a hot topic in baseball lately: the manager of the KIA Tigers. After former manager Kim Jong-guk was fired for illegal bribery, the Tigers appointed hitting coach Lee Bum-ho as their new manager. The team chose to promote from within to avoid disrupting the team, but everyone is interested in how this will affect KIA, which has declared “win now” due to his young age (43) and lack of managerial experience.

Managers are also curious to see what their rivals will do. Especially since Kia is one of the favorites to win the title, 바카라사이트 how does Kang view the appointment of the new coach?

First of all, Kang and Lee have a history.

Born in 1972, Kang is nine years his senior, and Lee came in as a high school rookie when Kang was playing for the Hanwha Eagles. Kang played for Hanwha until 2001 before moving on to the Doosan Bears, while Lee joined Hanwha in 2000. They played two seasons together.

“I know him well because we played together. “He was a very smart and strong guy,” says Kang. “He just graduated from high school, worked hard, and was very confident in himself. It was rare for a high school rookie to have his own theory of hitting, and he was very driven and communicated with the coaches to find his weapon, which was very impressive.” “It was clear that he really loved baseball and was working hard,” Kang added.

How does Kang see the KIA, which is now led by the ‘newbie’ Lee? “I think this year’s KIA will be really scary if they go with a healthy team rather than the influence of the manager. The team’s batting, pitching, and mound are all good enough to be in the top three.” The power of the baseball team can offset the risk of the manager. Kang, too, 사설 토토사이트 was able to fulfill his role as acting manager in 2022, leading the team to the playoffs as a “novice” last season. Of course, Kang was a “prepared leader” who had been through the ups and downs of coaching for a long time.

Many experts believe that the top three teams this season will be KIA, LG Twins, and KT Wiz. “That’s how I see it too,” Kang said, adding, “I think Doosan Bears can challenge for the top three if they have a solid starting lineup and good hitters, and if they put things together well from the beginning of the season.”

“I think NC has no place in the top three,” Kang laughed, “and I think we’re a force to be reckoned with if you look at our lineup. But we have two foreign pitchers, and there are a lot of variables in the domestic starting lineup, with the possibility of new resources coming in. So, it’s hard to say the exact ranking,” he cautiously revealed.


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