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Kwon Asol ‘The Japanese Underground Fighter’ won by a comfortable decision

Lord FC’s former lightweight champion’s pride is protected. Asol Kwon scored a split decision victory over Japanese “underground fighter” Kazuya Yanenkedo.

Kwon Ah-sol won a 3-0 unanimous decision overtime against Japan’s Kazuya Yanenkedo in a special “Fight 100” -95kg contract weight bout at Gupne ROAD FC 067 at the Grand Ballroom of the Swiss Grand Hotel in Hong-eun-dong, Seoul on Saturday.

The “Fight 100” special bouts are event bouts that are not official mixed martial arts matches. They last just 100 seconds. If the fight is not decided in those 100 seconds, it will go into a 100-second overtime.

A 100-second match. It’s not easy to get into the match, as it can end in a single blow.

Even though he hadn’t fought recently, he played with the ease of a former champion. His strategy was to move with steps and counter-punch when Kazuya attacked. Kwon seemed to land the more accurate punches, but Kazuya’s punches also landed in Kwon’s face on a few occasions. There was even a brief stoppage when Kwon’s mouthpiece fell out of his mouth.

The 100 seconds flew by and it was time for the judges. With a score of one in favor and two tied, the match headed to 100 seconds of overtime.

The second round was no different. Kwon came out with a strategy of counter-punching the incoming Kazuya. Kazuya unleashed a flurry of punches, but Kwon avoided them with ease. Kwon kept up the pressure with his jab and landed some accurate right hands to Kazuya’s face. Kazuya’s punches, on the other hand, were not landing. As the fight went on, Kwon’s punches were landing and Kazuya’s were missing. The fight was over, and the judges scored it 3-0 in favor of Kwon.

Contrary to his image as a thug, Kwon Asol gave Kazuya a big bow after the judgment and thanked him for playing with him, while Kazuya was rather embarrassed and returned the favor.

After the match, Kwon took the microphone and said, “I don’t have anything to say and I’m sorry for my poor performance,” and “I’m sorry to Chairman Jung Moon-hong, who didn’t ask me to play this match, but I’m sure he will be criticized again.” Even though he is a professional player, he expressed his apologies for not being able to win the match in a big way.

He also had a few words for the Road FC players. “The main characters of this tournament are the Road FC players, and we are just dessert,” Kwon said.



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