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KT successfully hosts the National Youth Sports Festival and builds an information and communication network

KT Jeonnam and Jeonbuk metropolitan headquarters began inspecting and establishing the necessary information and communication networks to provide quick and smooth communication services for the 53rd National Boys Sports Festival, which will be held in Mokpo for 4 days starting on the 25th. It was announced on the 20th.

KT will build high-quality information and communication networks necessary for each event at 50 major stadiums, including Mokpo Stadium.

1,360 communication lines and 1,473 units of communication equipment were built so that athletes, sports officials, and spectators can smoothly use the Internet, IPTV, and telephone.

Stadiums that require additional communication lines have completed the installation of new optical cables and secured main and spare equipment for smooth data transmission.

During the event period, a control system will be established to monitor in real time any abnormalities in communication services at all stadiums, and dedicated after-sales service personnel will be deployed and operated on site to preemptively repair failures and provide normal services in the event of a failure.

To prevent security incidents, we plan to establish a separate operating network and a reporter network and switch to a comprehensive situation room operating system jointly with Jeonnam Province a day before the event to support the competition. 한국야동



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