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KBO to introduce automated ball judgment system, pitch clock in 2024 season

The KBO will introduce an automatic ball-strike system (ABS) and a pitch clock starting next year.The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) announced on Nov. 19 that it held its fourth board meeting the previous day and decided to introduce ABS and the pitch clock in the 2024 season.ABS is a system in which a so-called robot umpire judges balls and strikes, while pitch clock is a system that strictly measures the pitching intervals of pitchers.ABS has been piloted in the Futures (second division) league since 2020. “Ball-strike judgments have become more precise and consistent, and the time it takes for the results to reach the umpire has been reduced,” the KBO said, adding, “Introducing it to the KBO League will allow for fairer play.”In the case of the pitch clock, the KBO explained that it took a cue from Major League Baseball (MLB), which implemented it first to shorten game time.”We examined the average pitching intervals of pitchers in the KBO and analyzed detailed indicators such as the average number of blocking attempts and when the batter is ready to hit,” the KBO said, adding, “We are reviewing the content of the pitch clock rule suitable 카지노사이트킹 for the KBO League.


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