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Jeonju KCC relocates to Busan before season begins

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) held a board meeting and approved KCC’s move to Busan.

The team will share its home stadium with Sajik Gymnasium and women’s professional basketball team BNK.

KCC cited a conflict with the city of Jeonju over the construction of a gymnasium as the reason for the move.

KCC claimed that the city of Jeonju was not making progress on the promised new gymnasium, and that they were even asked to vacate Jeonju Gymnasium by 2025.

[Choi Hyung-gil, head coach of KCC: “We have come to a situation that we can no longer bear, and after deep consideration, we have finally decided to relocate. We are most sorry to the fans of Jeonju who have supported us for 22-23 years.”]

Jeonju City had promised to build a new gymnasium by 2026 while continuing to use the existing one after KCC’s move was detected, but KCC unilaterally left.

[Kim In-tae/Vice Mayor of Jeonju: “Even if they relocated, they should have at least shown themselves at the negotiation table with the city of Jeonju, but that itself was completely blocked, which is more embarrassing and unfortunate for the city.”]

Jeonju fans were confused, as the city’s website was temporarily paralyzed.

[Kim Seung-hyun, KCC fan: “It’s a club I grew up with for decades, and I think it’s a shame that it’s gone, and I’m a little angry.”]

KCC had its best moments during its 22 years in Jeonju, including winning three championships, but left on a bitter note.

The new home, Busan, 먹튀검증 welcomed KCC’s arrival.



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