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Jeju Utd’s steadfast supporter Huon Investment shoots 150 chicken for K League 1 early retention wish event

Jeju United’s (Jeju) early retention in the K League 1 had some solid supporters. Official sponsor Huon Investment (Huon Adelieve the Terrace, CEO Kim Kyung-bo) is the main one.

Following the results of the 36th round of the 현금홀덤사이트 K League 1, Jeju confirmed their stay in the top flight regardless of the outcome of their remaining two matches. There have been many trials and tribulations this season, but the Jeju people and their fans have kept them going. The support of the official sponsors was also a big help.

In particular, at the home game against FC Seoul on Saturday, November 11, official sponsor Huon Investment supported the ‘Shoot the Chicken’ event to show their endless support. The company sponsored a total of 150 chickens for the event, where fans who accessed the Jeju APP and left messages of support for the Jeju players could win a chicken through a lottery.

Hewon Investment, known for its front patch on Jeju’s uniforms, is a native Jeju company that is leading the high-end residential culture in the region. Currently, the company is developing ‘Hewon Adelieve the Terrace’, a high-end residential complex project in Jeju English Education City, and also operates affiliated companies such as ‘Hewon General Construction’ related to construction, architecture, and interiors, contributing to employment security and job creation in the Jeju region.

Jeju signed an official sponsorship agreement with Huon Investment in April. Since then, the two companies have collaborated on various mutual promotion and joint marketing activities that enhance the value of both companies, and have also joined hands to cooperate on win-win cooperation for the leisure use of Jeju residents through sports, such as this ‘Shoot the Chicken’ event.

Prior to the event, Kim Kyung-bo, CEO of Huon Investment, said, “We always play with Jeju United. We are very happy to see the team stay in the first division and achieve the beauty of Yuzong.” Mr. Koo Chang-yong, CEO of Jeju United, said, “With this kind of support and cheer, Jeju has been able to gain more strength. We will continue to achieve synergy in various sports marketing programs.”




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