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Jadon Sancho leave Manchester United and move permanently to Dortmund?

Will Jadon Sancho (24) leave Manchester United for Dortmund completely.

“Manchester United’s request for a transfer fee for Sancho could disrupt Dortmund’s plans.”

“Dortmund wants a full transfer contract with Sancho. However, Manchester United’s demand for a transfer fee could be an issue,” he added.

He also said, “Manchester United want £40 million for Sancho. Dortmund does not want to spend £40 million. We are not giving up hope that we can bring them in for a discount.”

“Soncho’s contract ends in 2026. He wants to be excluded from the current English national team and get out of the reality of going through the worst part of his career,” the media outlet said.

In 2021, Manchester United signed Sancho for Dortmund for a fee of £73 million (W124.8 billion). It is a bet on Sancho’s skills and potential for growth.

However, Sancho has never revealed his presence since moving to Manchester United. During his three seasons with Manchester United, he had only 12 goals and six assists in 82 games. He lacked sharpness as a striker.

He played in only three matches this season. He did not get a chance. He had a conflict with Erik ten Hag. The incident took place after the defeat by Arsenal in September last year. “I saw Sancho not play in the training and did not include him,” Ten Hag said at the time, explaining why he did not play. Sancho then refuted the claim. “I trained well. I believe there are other reasons. I was a victim for a long time.” He branded the coach a liar.

He was eventually removed from the team. Sancho was excluded from training and had to leave the team. His former team was Dortmund. He has scored two goals and two assists in 11 matches since his transfer. He is showing off a different position from his time with Manchester United as he started in seven of the nine Bundesliga matches.

Manchester United do not want Sancho to be accompanied. Dortmund wants to be with Sancho. The transfer fee is expected to be the biggest key. It is expected that full-fledged negotiations will continue this summer. 카지노사이트 순위


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