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The Audit Committee of Iksan City, Jeollabuk-do, announced on the 16th that it will launch its own special audit in connection with the recent contract of 33 million won worth of short suits from the clothing store of a city councilor’s spouse.

After conducting a preliminary investigation on the Iksan Sports Association for the Disabled, the audit committee will organize and audit a special audit team with ‘whether to initiate a special audit’ as an agenda item.

The special audit team plans to investigate all suspected irregularities surrounding the Iksan Para Sports Association by thoroughly investigating suspicions raised by some, including violations of the ‘Prevention of Conflict of Interest of Public Officials Act’ and the ‘Act on Contracts with Local Governments as Parties’.

The Sports Association for the Disabled purchased 250 short-sleeved suits costing 131,600 won for the ‘2nd National Unity Living Sports Festival’ held in June for a total of 32.9 million won at a store run by the spouse of Iksan City Councilor Jang Kyung-ho.

However, it has been pointed out that Jang may have violated the Prevention of Conflict of Interest Act and the Code of Ethics for Lawmakers because he is the chairman of the standing committee on planning and administration, which is in charge of reviewing the budget of the Paralympic Sports Federation.

Suspicions of “pre-arrangement” are also raised, especially since Jang is the chairperson of the Planning and Administration Committee, which has the right to review the budget of the Paralympic Sports Federation, and her spouse’s company was only certified as a women-owned business in May, one month before the contract was awarded.

Under the Local Contract Act, a contract can only be awarded if the estimated price is 20 million won or less, but there are also suspicions that Jang’s spouse’s company avoided the law because it is a women-owned business.

In a phone call to Yonhap the previous day, Jang apologized, saying, “I am considering resigning as chairwoman because I deeply feel the political and moral responsibility,” and added, “I will return the full amount of the sales price to (the Disabled Sports Association) because it is inevitable that I will take measures to recall the already sold suits.”

Ham Kyung-soo, chairman of the Iksan City Audit Committee, said, “We have no choice but to conduct a comprehensive 바카라사이트 investigation into the recent allegations to allay citizens’ concerns.” “We will thoroughly investigate the allegations raised by the public so that there is no doubt about the truth.”


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