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Hanwha Signs Uniform Sponsorship Contract for the First Time in 10 Years

The Spider logo will be engraved on the Hanwha Eagles uniform for the 2024 season.

This is the first uniform sponsorship contract for the Hanwha Eagles in 10 years since 2015.

Hanwha Eagles and sports brand Spyder held the ‘2024 Official Supplies Sponsorship Signing Ceremony’ at Hanwha Galleria Time World in Daejeon on the afternoon of the 18th. 

Park Chan-hyuk, CEO of Hanwha Eagles, and Kim Ji-hwan, CEO of Spider, attended the event. 카지노사이트랭크

Spyder is a premium sports brand that pursues high-performance training wear, luxury sportswear, and lifestyle wear at the same time.

It is leading the fashion trend in the sports industry by combining ergonomic design with sensuous design.

Under this contract, Hanwha Eagles will seek to improve the performance of its players through authentic clothing, including Spyder’s highly functional uniforms.

Spyder is collaborating in fields such as fashion clothing and plans to not only store various products at Hanwha Life Insurance’s Spyder branch in Eagles Park and offline stores in the Daejeon and Chungcheong areas,

but also launch the Spyder Hanwha Eagles online mall.

In addition, both Hanwha Eagles and Spider plan to create marketing synergy through active discussions.

The Hanwha Eagles team said, “In addition to this uniform sponsorship contract,

we plan to strive to establish a virtuous cycle structure in the sports industry by leading to reinvestment through increased sales through various businesses this season.”

In fact, the Hanwha Eagles are increasing the club’s self-sustainability by recording the highest ever sales in admission revenue,

merchandising business, food and beverage business, and digital marketing monetization last year.

Lastly, the Hanwha Eagles team said, “The goal of the Hanwha Eagles is to reinvest the profits from sales into the composition of the team,

expansion of infrastructure, and reinforcement of fan services, so that the professional baseball team can establish itself as a stable company.”

A Hanwha Eagles official said, “This uniform sponsorship contract is also part of the club’s policy to strengthen its self-reliance, and we will take the lead in changing the structure of the sports industry through partnerships with companies in various fields in the future.”

He added, “We will use the profits earned through improved sales of the club to strengthen our power and “We will reinvest in infrastructure expansion to establish a virtuous cycle in the sports industry that leads to improved performance and fandom,” he said.



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