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Gauselmann Group Gets 15-Year Permission To Casino In Lower Saxony, Germany

Gasselman Group, a pioneering German casino operator, continues to expand its operations in Lower Saxony, Germany. The family-owned Eastern Westfalian company has the opportunity to operate 10 casino locations in this German province’s casino licensing bid. The initial 15-year permit allows the group to operate these regulated casino sites in long-standing vertical Mercur. The start of operations is scheduled for September 1, 2024.

15-year agreement for casino operations:

Paul Gauselmann, the company’s founder and chairman of the management board of the Gasselmann Group, said: “I’m very excited to get a casino license in neighboring Saxon. Being able to mark this additional milestone in the company’s history just two years after the acquisition of the North Rhine-Westphalia Casino makes me very proud of all the employees involved, and once again demonstrates that we are mastering the ‘high school’ of the game where we use and focus our round money, and that we can act responsibly in this regard.”

Gasselman reportedly added, “The challenge now is to integrate the Lower Saxony casino, which has about 400 employees, into our company in the fall of 2024 and welcome them into the world of Mercur.” Paul Gaselman started the company in 1957 and now operates 15 casino branches in three German states. The success of operations managed by “the German prize-enjoying king” has reportedly been attributed to the operator’s concept-setting quality, economic viability and financial stability at the forefront of its activities. It is said that these characteristics were the reason for the recent concessions to the German state of Lower Saxony.

10 Casino Location Run Settings:

David Schnabel, managing director of All Merkur Spielbanken, said: “With the acquisition of North Rhine-Westphalia Casino in 2021, we have demonstrated in impressive ways that we can realign our gaming and service offerings in record time, secure existing jobs, create new jobs and increase our appeal. I am confident that we will also be able to set new standards in Lower Saxony and continue to write our success stories with casinos there.” 온라인카지노사이트

The Gasselman Group appears to be aware of its social responsibility, as it has been committed to ensuring regulated gaming operations and a safe gambling environment for its customers. This commitment has been recognized by several certification bodies, such as the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4) and the European Casino Association (ECA), repeatedly certifying the responsible game operations of the group’s subsidiary, Merkur Spielbanken.

Launched September 1, 2024:

Following a 15-year concession, Merkur Spielbanken will operate its Lower Saxony casino branch from September 1, 2024. The company boasts the highest level of gaming and entertainment delivery, as well as highly qualified employees ready to solve problems. David Schnabel said, “Over the past few years, we have consistently optimized our casino concept and have always been the first to cater to our customers’ needs and desires. Being able to perfect this concept in Lower Saxony soon, along with the know-how of a new colleague, is a promising prospect for success and an important impulse for the future.”



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