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Playtech’s Dragon Jackpot Gold Progressive Jackpot slots are known to pay every 7 days on average, and one lucky player has recently become the next big winner!

A few days ago, when the lucky player jumped in and won the lottery, the prize money reached 205,185 euros.

Another progressive jackpot hit
Playtech is home to many jackpot slots, but Dragon Jackpot Gold has recently been in the limelight.

The game allows you to win one out of three jackpots at any time.
There are three jackpots connected to this game. Gold is the highest, while red and blue are smaller. Jackpot seems to be paid regularly, so if you’re a serial jackpot hunter, it might be worth a try at your favorite Playtech online casino.

The winner is random
Jackpot is also linked to a series of other games, and winning it is random. You won’t have to match any symbols or collect anything! You can pick a jackpot at the end of any turn, and you don’t know when it will start.

So far, jackpot’s biggest win is €548,506, and it currently has 221 jackpot wins since the game was released.

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