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‘Defense is also the best’ Lim Seong-jin, KEPCO’s all-rounder, “There are many strikers who are only good at offense.”

Ranked 4th in league defense, surpassing the main libero The most digs in KB Insurance

Lim Seong-jin attempting to receive

KEPCO, a professional volleyball men’s team, was concerned about defensive issues ahead of the 2023-2024 season.

Last season, foreign player Thais Dulhorst (registered name Thais) boasted formidable offensive power, but had problems with receiving.

KEPCO designated Japanese libero Ryohei Iga as the Asian quota player, but there was still a question mark over the defense issue.

In addition to Ryohei, KEPCO needed a native outside hitter who could counter the opposing team’s strong serve.

KEPCO’s concerns are being solved by next-generation ace Lim Seong-jin (24).

Lim Seong-jin is in charge of receiving along with Ryohei this season and is in charge of KEPCO’s defensive line.

Lim Seong-jin’s defensive ability is no less than Libero’s.

He successfully made 4.96 defenses per set in 13 games this season until the home game against KB Insurance held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 2nd.It ranks 4th in the league in this category.

Among the top five players, Lim Seong-jin is the only player who is not a libero.

In KB Insurance, Lim Seong-jin also showed off his outstanding defensive skills.

He attempted 14 digs that day and succeeded in 13.He recorded the most digs on the team.

Thanks to Lim Seong-jin’s active defense, striker Thais focused on attack, and the team defeated KB Insurance 3-0 and won 6 games in a row.

Lim Seong-jin also actively attacked.He scored 14 points, the second most on the team.He also caught 4 blocks.It was literally a perfect performance.

On this day, Lim Seong-jin’s joy was doubled as he received the Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) for the first time in his life.

Seongjin Lim, KEPCO Outside Heater

Lim Seong-jin, whom we met after the game, said, “There are many strikers who are only good at offense,” and “It is true that they are greedy for offense as well as defense.”

He continued, “For the sake of the team, I thought I had to provide great help in defense,” and added, “Recently, I’ve been training a lot to receive serves.”

He said, “Now the coach and fellow players are entrusting me with many roles in defense,” and “I want to play well according to the situation and help the team win.” 토토사이트




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