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Commerce Phoenix snaps 8-game losing streak with win over Chungnam Chungang

Sangsung Phoenix escaped an eight-game losing streak by beating Chungnam Provincial Government thanks to Kim Myung-jong.

The Commerce Phoenix defeated Chungnam Provincial Government 28-26 in the fourth game of the men’s third round of the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 Handball H League at the Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon on Nov. 21.

With the victory, Commerce Phoenix moved up to fifth place with 3 wins and 11 losses and 6 points, while Chungnam Provincial Government, which lost its fourth straight game, dropped to sixth place with 2 wins and 12 losses and 4 points.

Commerce Phoenix was led offensively by Kim Myung-jong with seven goals, followed by Eugene Won, Kwon Sung-hyuk, and Kim Jae-soon with four goals each. Pivot Park Se-woong battled with the opposing defense in the attack, creating offensive opportunities for other players, while goalkeeper Ahn Jae-pil made 10 saves in key moments.

In the end, the players played evenly to end the eight-game losing streak for the Commerce Phoenix. Especially, the newly formed team members after enlisting in the military got their first victory.

The first half belonged to Chungnam-do. Choi Hyun-geun’s mid-range shot and Oh Hwang-je’s fast break made it 8-3. Chungnam provincial government’s forward pressure defense prevented Commerce Phoenix from attacking. The Commerce Phoenix also raised their defense a lot, but Chungnam Provincial Government took control of the flow by breaking through.

Commerce Phoenix shook the defense of Chungnam Provincial Government with a passing breakthrough to get within three points, but a mistake increased the lead to five points again. However, a mistake by Chungnam Provincial Office allowed Commerce Phoenix to score three goals in a row to close the gap to 16-13 and end the first half.

At the start of the second half, Commerce Phoenix quickly 바카라사이트 took control of the game. They capitalized on a mistake by Chungnam-do to make it 20-17.

Chungnam Chungnam-do only scored two goals in the next 20 minutes as Choi Hyun-geun and Oh Hwang-je’s shots were blocked. The flowing Commerce Phoenix extended the lead to 26-20.

With two minutes left, the game was in jeopardy as Commerce Phoenix suffered back-to-back two-minute ejections. However, Chungnam Provincial Government was unable to overturn the deficit as they only managed to pull within two goals. In the end, Commerce Phoenix won 28-26 and ended their eight-game losing streak.

“We struggled a lot with one mind and one heart, but I’m very happy that it was worth it,” said Kim Myung-jong of Commerce Phoenix, who was named MVP. “The team is not complete yet, so we said not to give up in the first half, but today we were greedy for each other, so we said let’s play a full game and do our best together, and I think it worked out well.”



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