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Head coaches of the professional basketball All-Star Game have elevated the mood by dancing. DB manager Kim Joo-sung and LG manager Cho Sang-hyun are in charge of a team named after the two most popular KBL friends. Kim led the All-Star Game while Kim led the KBL Team and Cho led the All-Star Game. Recalling the memories of 15 years ago, the two showed off their hidden dance skills to the Girls’ Generation song “Gee.”

Both coaches used to be MVPs in the All-Star Game. Kim became the best star in the 2007-2008 season and Cho in the 2006-2007 season. It is the first time in the history of professional basketball that former All-Star MVPs have taken the helm side by side in the All-Star Game.

I remember entertaining the fans. Cho and Kim performed to Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” song with Kim Hyo-beom, Lee Dong-joon, Shin Ki-sung, Kim Sung-il, and Ham Ji-hoon when they were both selected as All-Star players in 2009. The team set up a special performance at the suggestion of Jeon Chang-jin, then the head coach of the All-Star Game.

At that time, head coach Kim Joo-sung was unable to participate in the game due to injury and reportedly practiced harder to repay his fans. Unlike now, it was a rare scene where players danced, drawing more attention. The two coaches once again fought at half-time and showed extraordinary passion for dancing.

Fifteen years have passed, but the two coaches showed off their rusty skills. They practiced on their own to recreate that image. The two coaches, who appeared at the end of the introduction of their players, displayed their performances with their teammates this time, drawing attention. Kim and Cho performed their dance on the court in pairs with Kim Jong-gyu and Yang Hong-seok. When Kim drew a heart, they cheered loudly. The two coaches of the “dance rival” performed together again this time. When “Gee” was played, the audience cheered loudly. Unlike in the past, when they wore pink t-shirts, they wore suits this time, but received applause for showing off their choreography perfectly. The two coaches’ dance performances, which reminded people of their memories, heated up the stage for the All-Star Game. 토토사이트

The two players entered the game side by side as soon as the third quarter began. Kim successfully launched an attack against Kim Jong-kyu. He also garnered praise for showing off his best defense capabilities in the past. On the other hand, Cho repeatedly fell one-on-one with Lee Kwan-hee, causing laughter. He gave a fresh sense of fun to the players by actively participating in the game.


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