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Baseball LG ‘conditionally accepts’ MLB challenge for closing pitcher Ko Woo-seok

The LG Twins of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) have conditionally accepted the challenge of pitcher Ko Woo-seok, 25, to join Major League Baseball (MLB).

The LG team announced on Feb. 22 that it will allow Ko to go to the big leagues through the posting system (closed competitive bidding), but will make a final decision after reviewing the transfer fee offered by MLB teams with Ko.

Go, who made his professional debut in an LG uniform in 2017 and locked the back door of the twin mounds as a firefighter for five consecutive years until this year, created an emergency for LG when it was revealed that he received a request for an identity check from the MLB office on Nov. 15.

The MLB Secretariat requested the identities of “Brother-in-law” (Ko Woo-seok) and “Mae-je” (Lee Jung-hoo-Keum Heroes) at the same time.

While Lee Jung-hoo’s identity check was a scheduled procedure, 바카라사이트 Go Woo-seok’s challenge to the major leagues was unbeknownst to the club.

He had earned compensation points for international tournament appearances with his national team, and with the club’s permission, he fulfilled the seven-season requirement to move overseas through the posting system.

When big league clubs sign Korean and Japanese players who use the posting system to move to the United States, they pay a percentage of the contract size to the player’s original club as a transfer fee. Lee Jung-hoo also received approval from Kiwoom and is trying to reach the United States through the posting system.

For example, if Go Woo-seok and Lee Jung-hoo sign for a guaranteed contract amount of $25 million or less, LG and Kiwoom will receive 20 percent of the guaranteed amount as a transfer fee.

If they sign for $25 million to $50 million, LG and Kiwoom will receive a combination of $5 million, which is 20% of the initial $25 million threshold, and 17.5% of the guaranteed amount above $25 million.

If the guaranteed contract value is $501 million or more, LG and Kiwoom will receive $5 million, 20% of the first $25 million, $4.37 million, 17.5% of the $25 million to $50 million, and 15% of the amount over $50 million.

Based on U.S. media estimates of Lee’s contract in the $60 million to $90 million range, Kiermaier will start at $9.37 million.

The expected contract size of Ko Woo-seok, a “new face” in the big league free agent market, is still unknown.

LG will not allow Go Woo-seok to travel to the U.S. if the transfer fee is unreasonable and below expectations. 바카라사이트



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