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ATM ‘New Star’ Linu “There is no big difficulty in switching to wingback

ATM ‘New Star’ Linu “There is no big difficulty in switching to wingback…”Thank you for your love for Korean fans”

Linu, who made a strong impression while preparing for the new season in Atletico Madrid, expressed his feelings on the Korean pre-season tour.

Atletico Madrid won 2-1 against Manchester City in the second leg of the “Coupang Play Series” at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on July 30.

Linu, who gained experience by transferring to Valencia on loan last season and playing as a starting player, has returned to Atletico Madrid this season and is preparing for a new season.

Linu started both games against Team K League and Manchester City and showed good performance.

Linu, who met with reporters after the game, said, “Man City is a strong opponent and has many good players. Each prepared their game and so did we. I played hard,” he said after finishing the game.

Originally a striker, Linu played as a wingback in both games for South Korea. He also showed off his aggression in the wingback position and caught the attention of fans with threatening breakthroughs and crosses.

“There’s no big difference,” Linu said of the position change. I have to defend more, but I’ve been working hard. The coach helps the player a lot. “It’s a new position, but there’s no big difficulty,” he explained. 토토사이트

Regarding the process of adapting to the new team, he said, “My teammates help me a lot. There are many good players and good people. It’s good as a group. I’m getting a lot of help,’ he said.

Finally, Linu said, “I’m so grateful to Korean fans. “Thank you for giving me a lot of affection over the past week,” he said, expressing his feelings after finishing the pre-season tour in Korea.


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