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2023 Breeders’ Cup Classic Featuring Death and Injury of Preferred Horse

The hasty excitement surrounding the Breeders’ Cup, the world’s most prestigious horse race, has subsided and turned to sadness as one of the championship horses died ahead of the race, with another major winner being forced out of the $6 million Breeders’ Cup Classic at Santa Anita on Nov. 3-4, 2023.

Stretch moving die:

One of the leading horses, the pragmatic move, reportedly died of an apparent heart incident after a morning gallop in Santa Anita on November 1, 2023. The horse was immediately involved by veterinarians, but sources said the use of a defibrillator on the horse due to the high voltage required for the animal at around 1,000 pounds made the person administering it seriously dangerous.

Sources say the rider of the Fractional Move was not injured in the accident. The horse was the winner of the Santa Anita Derby and was considered the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby before gaining heat, the most likely cause of the sudden death of the fractional move.

However, a series of unfortunate events related to the 2023 Classic resulted in the Belmont Stakes winner Arcangelo pulling out of the Classic to retire. FanDuel TV reportedly announced Arcangelo’s retirement a few days ago due to a backheel issue. The horse, which reportedly crowned Jenna Antonucci as the first female trainer to win the Triple Crown race since winning the Belmont Stakes, will be kept at Raines End Farm. Antonucci reportedly said, “From day one, we will always talk first no matter what.”

Wizards fever:

Arcangelo was supposed to play in the Classic as the only Triple Crown winner. It looks like he could have been a serious favorite, especially since the wizard was out of the race after a fever. The race was scheduled for National Treasure, the winner of the Preakness Stakes, to run in the Dirt Mile, the same race that was supposed to include the Preakness Stakes. The role of the favorite in the current schedule is given to Cody’s Wish.

However, on Oct. 28, 2023, the streak did not stop with Arcangelo and the Wizards, with Gio Rocket Ride seriously injured. Reportedly, the nature of the injury is undoubtedly that his racing career is over. Jio Rocket Ride reportedly underwent surgery a day later, but his owners said recovery would be long and difficult if the horse won the battle of his current life. Another horse injured before the Breeders’ Cup Classic is Echo Zulu, the 2021 Eclipse winner, whose recovery is going as planned. The horse may be ready for the upcoming prestigious race. 온라인카지노


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