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More time to play! Tottenham’s worst ‘£60m star’

The absurd story of Hishalisson (Tottenham) has been revealed.

“It was a misunderstanding that Hishalisson told coach Antonio Conte exactly about the tactics on the day of the game.”

Hisalisson left Everton in the summer of 2022 and joined Tottenham. During the four seasons with Everton, he played a total of 153 matches and scored 52 goals. Hisalisson received attention from Tottenham, Manchester United, and Liverpool. Tottenham invested £60 million to recruit Hisalisson. However, he scored only one goal in 27 matches of the English Premier League during the 2022-2023 season.

Rumors of discord have also occurred. Hisalisson’s teacher, Abel Braga, said, “People criticize Brazilian coaches a lot. But we try to understand individuals on a social and cultural level. To some players, you have to be like a father. Someone will only react when they scream. Conte didn’t seem to understand it. He is a coach who barely speaks to players during a season.” Hisalisson also said, “I made the mistake of interviewing him because I needed time. I think there was a commotion afterwards. Later, I apologized. I said that Conte could be disciplined. He scolded me to show that he was a coach. It was his way. He scolded me in front of people for almost two hours.”

Again, this is the absurd story of Hishalisson and Conte. Football London said, “Hishalisson appeared late to the team meeting on the day of the match. Conte asked if there was anything he wanted to say. Conte waited for an apology. However, he complained about the way the game was played in front of the team.”

He said, “I just said everything that came to mind. I need more time,” “This formation is not good,” and “I am not used to it yet.” When I started saying that, my colleagues standing behind me started laughing. It was then that I thought, ‘What am I doing?’ I just said what I thought, without understanding what Conte asked me.” 토토사이트

Meanwhile, Hishalisson played in 22 league games under Enze Postecoglou this season, scoring 10 goals and 3 assists. Hishalisson will aim for the goal in an away match against Aston Villa on Saturday.


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