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4 Remaining From Circa’s 2023 NFL Survivors’ Conference

Sports betting venture Circa Sports’ record professional football competition, Circa Survivor, has four contestants remaining and a historic $9,267,000 prize is up for grabs. Entering Week 17, each remaining contestant is worth $2,316,750.

After a torrid week for the holiday season, which eliminated six other contestants, the high-stakes contest ended by the last four weeks. The Circa Survivor split its holiday week’s schedule into 16A and 16B weeks. Contestants had to choose one more game on Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday, and those who advanced had to choose one more game on Christmas, which is Monday. One contestant, the Circus Master, chose Los Angeles on Thursday night, ahead of anyone else. Indiana Jet and LA Joneser both chose Chicago on Sunday. Contestant Jax Jags chose Green Bay, which advanced after a significant sweat against Carolina.

The eliminated six contestants chose Denver to beat New England in the Christmas Eve game on Sunday. New England got a big early point and led 23-7 after three quarters. Denver had a considerable rally in the fourth quarter, tying the game with two touchdowns and two 2-pointers. But New England sealed the victory with a field goal from Chad Ryland with two seconds left in the game. The field goal ended the six contestants’ journey to the surfers.

All four remaining contestants from Monday’s selection match chose Philadelphia against New York. Philadelphia led the game, but it probably didn’t sweat at all. New York had a chance to tie it in the final game, but secured Philadelphia’s victory with an interception. All four contestants made it. 슬롯머신

Last year, 11 of the remaining 14 contestants were eliminated during the holiday season. One person fell in 16B week, while 10 lost in 16A week. Two contestants split the prize money of $6.1 million at the end.

As Week 17 approaches, favorite players include Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Minnesota.


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