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Shinsegae Group to Market Baby Sharks and Baseball at SSG Landers Field

SEOUL, Nov. 3 (Yonhap) – Shinsegae Group said Wednesday it will partner with The Pink Pong Company, the maker of baby sharks, for baseball marketing. E-mart, G-market, E-mart 24, Shinsegae Engineering & Construction and SSG Landers will hold the ‘Baby Shark Day-Summer Flash’ campaign at the home games against the Samsung Lions at SSG Landers Field in Incheon from Nov. 11-13.First, E-Mart will launch Baby Shark Day uniforms with The Pink Pong Company. The SSG Landers jerseys, which feature patches with children’s favorite Randy and Baby Shark designs, will be available on the SSG Landers online shop from April 4 and at the merchandise shop in the outfield of SSG Landers Field from April 11-13.The SSG Landers squad will also wear the Baby Shark jerseys and hats for their home game against the Samsung Lions. G-market is offering coupons for 8 to 10 percent off children’s brands and giving away hotel stays and 온라인카지노 other prizes to shoppers .E-Mart 24 will offer discount coupons for its stores in Landers Field and give away merchandise to customers who spend more than $10,000.Aqua Field, the star field, will give out baby shark sun caps to the first 600 children who visit on the 12th.Landers Field will be transformed into a mini theme park with a giant 6-meter-high baby shark inflatable and air bounce playground .A baby shark will also take the field for the first pitch on Dec. 12.Shinsegae and The Pink Pong Company co-created a cheer for the victory, and Shinsegae’s virtual human “Waiti” will perform a cheer choreography .Meanwhile, Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin personally announced the event on his Instagram the day before by posting a baby shark uniform and a video of the song.


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