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‘Mommy Rocket’ Fraser-Price participates in the women’s 100m Olympics for the fifth consecutive time

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (38, Jamaica), considered the greatest female sprinter of all time, has confirmed her participation in the Olympics for the fifth consecutive time.

Fraser-Pryce came in third with a time of 10.94 seconds in the women’s 100m final at the Jamaican Athletics Trials for the 2024 Paris Olympics held in Kingston, Jamaica on the 29th (Korean time)

. In the women’s 100m at the Paris Olympics, up to three athletes per country who have exceeded the standard time of 11.07 seconds will be given the opportunity to participate. Fraser-Pryce confirmed her trip to Paris by crossing the finish line third after Sherika Jackson (10.84 seconds) and Tia Clayton (10.90 seconds). 카지노사이트

He early chose the Paris Olympics as the stage for his retirement.

Fraser-Price is considered the best female sprinter of all time, having won three gold medals, four silver medals, and one bronze medal at the Olympics.

Her only 15 medals (10 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze) have been won at the World Championships. Although she is not tall at 152cm, she attracted a lot of attention for her explosive speed and gorgeous looks.

In particular, she won four consecutive Olympic medals in the women’s 100m. He won the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Games with a time of 10.78 seconds, and also reached the top with a time of 10.75 seconds in London in 2012. She won a bronze medal in Rio in 2016 and a silver medal in Tokyo in 2021. Fraser-Price made a splash with her return to the track, especially after giving birth to her son Zion in August 2017. Even after giving birth, she showed off her health by recording a time of 10.60 seconds, surpassing her previous best time of 10.70 seconds. He is nicknamed ‘Mommy Rocket’. In the men’s 100m final for the Jamaica National Team Trials, Keyshane Thompson came out on top with a time of 9.77 seconds, the best time of the year. He was on the rise ahead of the Paris Olympics by shortening Ferdinand Omanyala’s (Kenya) 9.79 seconds, which was the previous season’s best, by 0.02 seconds. Oblique Seville took second place with 9.82 seconds, and Achim Blake took third place with 9.92 seconds, qualifying for the Paris Olympics. 토토사이트 추천




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