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K-League 2 Busan draws 0-0 with Chungnam Asan…Gimpo defeats Ansan

Chungnam Asan and Busan IPark played to a 1-1 draw in the K League Two. With one point apiece, both teams failed to escape the mid-table.

Chungnam Asan drew 0-0 at home against Busan in the 17th round of the ‘Hana Bank K League 2 2024’ at Asan Sunshin Stadium at 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Chungnam Asan (21 points), who had won their last match before the A-Match break, failed to bring home a victory in the 17th round and dropped to seventh place.

Busan (21 points), who had gone three matches without a win (one draw and two losses), also failed to win on the day, 현금홀덤사이트 extending their winless streak to four matches.

However, as Busan and Chungnam Asan, Suwon Samsung, Bucheon FC 1995, and Chungbuk Cheongju are all tied with 21 points, Busan, which has the most points, moved up two spots to fifth place.

It was Chungnam Asan who set the tone early in the match.

In the 15th minute, Hwang Ki-wook struck a volley off a corner kick in front of the goal, but Busan goalkeeper Koo Sang-min made a calm save.

In the 21st minute, Joo Ning-yo, who was sprinting with the ball, checked the Busan goalkeeper in front of the goal and floated the ball, but unfortunately it went over the top of the goal.

In the 36th minute, a corner kick from Chungnam Asan’s Kim Jong-seok was headed by Kang Min-kyu, who slightly deflected the ball to Lee Hak-min’s feet, but Lee’s hard strike went high.

Busan goalkeeper Koo Sang-min held firm in goal despite Chungnam Asan’s onslaught of attacks.

In the 41st minute, he saved a hard shot from the right side of the penalty box by Chungnam Asan’s Jun Ning-Yo, and then calmly handled a second ball from Kang Joon-Hyeok.

Thanks to Koo Sang-min’s performance, Busan stepped up its offense in the final minutes of the first half.

In the 44th minute, a strong free kick from Busan Ramas was headed directly toward the goal, but Chungnam Asan goalkeeper Shin Song-hoon calmly caught it.

Then, in the 45th minute, Pesin’s hard shot from right in front of the penalty box also went over the crossbar.

After a 0-0 first half, the two teams traded offense in the second half.

There was even a dizzying collision at the start of the second half.

In the third minute of the second half, Busan’s Sung Ho-young fell after a foul by Joo Ning-yo and hit his right head on Chungnam Asan’s Kang Joon-hyuk’s knee, causing him to bleed. Afterward, Sung had to play with a bandage.

In the 20th minute of the second half, Chungnam Asan’s Hwang Ki-wook’s hard shot from the front of the goal was saved by goalkeeper Koo Sang-min.

In the 21st minute, Busan Lopez carried the ball forward and crossed the ball in front of the goal, but Park Se-jin’s shot went over the top of the goal.

Then, in the 32nd and 35th minutes, Lopez’s consecutive shots were also blocked by the goalkeeper.

In the 35th minute, Chungnam Asan’s Jun Ning-Yo peeled off Busan’s defenders and dragged the ball in front of the goal before passing it to Kim Seung-Ho, but his shot went wide of the goal without enough power.

In the 41st minute of the second half, Juningyo’s accurate header was also calmly caught by Busan’s Koo Sang-min, causing Juningyo to roar in frustration.

The match ended 0-0 with neither team scoring a goal.

At the same time, Chungbuk Cheongju and Cheonan City played to a 1-1 draw at Cheongju Stadium.

Chungbuk Cheongju took the lead in the 18th minute when Hong Won-jin headed home a cross from Choi Seok-hyun, but Cheonan equalized in the 37th minute with a late goal from Motta.

With the one point, Chungbuk Cheongju (21 points) is in ninth place, while Cheonan (17 points) is in 11th.

At the Gimpo Solter Soccer Field, Gimpo FC earned a 1-0 win over Ansan Greeners.

Gimpo held on to a goal from Plana in the 45th minute to secure the win.

With the win, Gimpo (24 points), who have four wins and one loss in their last five matches, moved into fourth place with three points. Ansan remains in 13th place in the bottom half of the table.



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