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Is Dortmund recruiting Nakamura from Japan’s National University?

Japanese national team Keito Nakamura 24, Lance is reported to be receiving great attention from prestigious Dortmund, the runner-up team in the European Champions League last season.

The Japanese media “Football Zone” quoted German media “PUHR24” as saying on Tuesday that Dortmund is seeking to recruit Nakamura. Scout Sven Mishlintat is leading the move.

Dortmund, which finished second in the European Champions League in the 2023-24 season, had manager Edin Tercic step down after the season and manager Nuri Shaheen newly inaugurated. Amid the team’s reorganization, Nakamura’s name came to mind. The media said, “Nakamura could be the successor of Jadon Sancho, whose loan has been terminated.” Mishlintat said he is looking at the recruiters due to the lack of winger resources in the team, and he is deeply interested in Nakamura. 토토사이트 꽁머니

Mishlintart recruited Shinji Kagawa from Dortmund and Hiroki Ito from Stuttgart, showing great interest in Japanese players and using them as his team’s strength. Having come to Dortmund after retiring from playing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands last season, he paid attention to Nakamura, the Japanese national team.

Nakamura is a rising star of the Japanese national team. Since his debut with the A-team in March last year, he has scored a whopping eight goals in 10 matches. As a key striker at last year’s Asian Cup, he has become a rising star of the Japanese national team.

He made his debut with Gamba Osaka in the J-League and improved his skills with the Austrian club Linz. In the 2022-23 season, he transferred to Stade Reims of France last season with 14 goals and seven assists in 31 matches in the Austrian league. Nakamura, who played as an attacking midfielder and left winger, scored four goals and one assist in 25 matches as a team’s main member in League 1 last season.



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