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“I’m worried about the foreigners I trusted, but I missed scoring”

“We were confident that we were the best in the K League 2…, but I’m worried.”

That was the regret of Gimpo FC head coach Choi Jung-woon. Gimpo won 1-0 in the 17th round of the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 against Ansan Greeners at Gimpo Solar Soccer Stadium on Saturday, thanks to Plana’s goal in the 45th minute. After three consecutive victories, Gimpo, which lost to Jeonnam Dragons 1-0 in the 16th round, got back on the winning track with three more points. 카지노사이트킴 Gimpo jumped to fourth place with 24 points.

In the post-match press conference, Goh said, “We don’t have a lot of money, but the city gave us a budget so we went on a training camp. We practiced what we lacked, and although we won the game, I would like to emphasize that we won the game and finished with a clean sheet, but I wish we could have scored more goals.”

Luis and Bruno missed crucial chances in the second half. “We practiced combinations against foreign players, utilizing space when the opponent is tired in the second half, and counter-attacks using foreign players, but we did what we trained, but we couldn’t finish, so it was a tough game,” said Ko. “At the beginning, when we organized the players, we were confident that our foreign strikers are good foreigners in K League 2, but we didn’t score from perfect chances, so it will be a challenge for us in the future. I think they’re not doing well psychologically. We’ll have to work on it through meetings.”

Gimpo’s next match is the Korea Cup Round of 16 against Jeonbuk Hyundai. “I think we need to prepare strategically by looking at the injury report and playing record. We won’t know the direction until tomorrow. It’s at home and against a strong team, so we can’t take it easy. It will be tough because we have a league game on the weekend, but we have to overcome it.”




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