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FC Seoul wins against Jeonbuk for the first time in 7 years Gimcheon takes the lead after catching Daegu

Seoul wins 5-1 over Jeonbuk Ronaldo records ‘first goal and first assist’ Gimcheon wins 2-0 over Daegu Park Sang-hyeok scores his first goal for Gimcheon ‘Lee Seung-woo absent’ Suwon FC wins 2-0 over Daejeon Jumps to 4th place

In professional soccer K League 1, FC Seoul recorded its first win in 7 years against Jeonbuk Hyundai.

Seoul won 5-1 in the away game against Jeonbuk in the 20th round of ‘Hana Bank K League 1 2024’ held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. on the 29th.

Seoul, which had met Jeonbuk 21 times in the league over the past 7 years without a single win, fulfilled its long-cherished wish with today’s victory.

Seoul, who won on this day, maintained their 6th place in the league with 7 wins, 6 draws, and 7 losses (27 points) this season.

Seoul, which had been in a long slump, including losing 5 consecutive home games in the middle of the league, achieved their first 3-game winning streak of the season with this complete victory.

On the other hand, Jeonbuk lost this game as well, delaying Manager Kim Du-hyeon’s first win again.

Manager Kim Du-hyeon, who took charge of Jeonbuk on the 27th of last month, has not won in 6 official games since taking office. Jeonbuk has only won 3 games this season, recording 7 draws and 9 losses (16 points), and is still at the bottom of the league. They have not won in the last 7 games. Jeonbuk, which had not lost to Seoul since July 2017, fell into a deep slump with this loss. In this game, which was played in heavy rain, Seoul attacked Jeonbuk from the beginning. The first goal was also scored early. In the 23rd minute of the first half, Kwon Wan-kyu cleverly headed in Han Seung-gyu’s corner kick and scored Jeonbuk’s goal. 슬롯사이트

In the 47th minute of the first half, Lingard and Ryu Jae-moon exchanged picturesque passes and passed the ball to Iljutcenko, who was standing in front of the goal, and Han Seung-gyu calmly received the ball and scored an additional goal. Jeonbuk, who started the second half with a 0-2 lead, faced another crisis in the 13th minute of the second half when Kim Jin-soo was sent off. Kim Jin-soo received a red card and was sent off after raising his foot high in a defensive situation and hitting Seoul’s Choi Jun in the side. In response, Seoul’s Lee Seung-mo added a clinching goal in the 15th minute of the second half, making the score 3-0.

Despite being outnumbered, Jeonbuk tried to catch up with Thiago in the 21st minute of the second half, but Seoul’s Kang Sung-jin and Ronaldo Tavares scored their 4th and 5th goals in the 44th and 49th minutes of the second half, respectively, to decide the match. Ronaldo Tavares, who made his debut in the 19th round match against Gangwon FC, scored his first K-League goal and assisted on this day. Before this, Gimcheon Sangmu won 2-0 in a home match against Daegu FC at Gimcheon Stadium, taking the first 3 consecutive wins of the season and taking sole lead in the league. With this, Gimcheon recorded 11 wins, 6 draws, and 3 losses (39 points) this season, surpassing Ulsan HD (38 points) and successfully jumping to sole lead in the league. Gimcheon, which had won 3-2 and 2-0 against Gangwon and Daejeon in the 18th and 19th rounds respectively, achieved its first 3 consecutive wins of the season. Daegu, which recorded 2 consecutive wins but lost to Ulsan in the 19th round, lost to Gimcheon again on this day and fell into a losing streak. Daegu maintained its 10th place with 5 wins, 5 draws, and 10 losses (20 points).

In the match that started in heavy rain, the two teams fiercely attacked from the beginning. In the 3rd minute of the first half, Hwang Jae-won, who received a pass from Daegu Seizingya, crossed from inside the penalty box, and Jeong Jae-sang headed the ball into Gimcheon’s goal, but the goal was ruled offside. Immediately after, in the 8th minute of the first half, Gimcheon’s Lee Dong-gyeong, Mo Jae-hyeon, and Kim Bong-soo exchanged passes to create an opportunity, but Lee Dong-gyeong’s shot was blocked by Daegu goalkeeper Oh Seung-hoon.

Lee Dong-gyeong, who made his 100th K-League appearance that day, threatened Daegu’s goal with powerful shots in the 18th and 45th minutes of the first half, but failed to score. The 0-0 tie was broken in the 33rd minute of the second half. Choi Ki-yoon of Gimcheon, who came in as a substitute for Mo Jae-hyeon in the 16th minute of the second half, shook Daegu’s goal net by handling the second ball that bounced off the goalkeeper’s foot in a chaotic situation in front of the goal. In the 35th minute of the second half, Park Sang-hyeok scored an additional goal to seal the victory. Park Sang-hyeok, who played in his first game this season, scored his debut goal for Gimcheon with this goal. At 8 p.m. on the same day, Suwon FC won 2-0 against Daejeon Hana Citizen at Daejeon World Cup Stadium. Suwon FC, with key striker Lee Seung-woo out, took the lead early in the game with Anderson’s first goal in the 15th minute of the first half. In the 36th minute of the second half, Jeong Seung-won scored for the second consecutive game, following the previous game, to seal the victory. With the win, Suwon FC surpassed the 10-win mark this season. Suwon, which had recently lost three games in a row in away games, not only broke the away losing streak but also succeeded in jumping into the upper ranks by rising to 4th place in the league with 10 wins, 3 draws, and 7 losses (33 points). Daejeon, which has been on a losing streak since losing to Gimcheon in the 19th round on the 25th, maintained 11th place with 4 wins, 6 draws, and 10 losses (18 points). 파칭코 게임




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