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Fan’s continuous inattention → Eventually, the game was halted for a while

The game was eventually stopped as fans continued to throw plastic cups.

“Fans were warned after Croatian supporters were seen throwing plastic cups at Italian players in the Euro 2024 group qualifying match.”

Italy had a dramatic 1-1 draw against Croatia in the third Group B match of Euro 2024 at Leipzig Stadium in Leipzig, Germany, on the 25th.

Italy could automatically advance to the round of 16 with just one point, while Croatia would finish third if they won, knowing that Spain would not lose to Albania in other games.

However, there was a controversy outside the stadium as Italy won a corner kick early in the game. Lorenzo Pellegrini and Federico DiMarco walked up to grab the corner, but the cameras of British media outlet BBC captured the scene where they threw several plastic cups around the two players.

Later, DiMarco was seen kicking another cup off the field as he prepared for a corner kick on the other side of the field. Commentator Jonathan Pierce claimed in a commentary on “BBC Sports” that German tournament officials discussed the possibility of taking action if the throwing continued, but the European Football Union has not yet made an official statement.

Last week, Serbian fans threw several plastic cups onto the field in the 1-1 draw with Slovenia, forcing an on-field announcer to intervene, telling supporters to quit.

In the end, Slovenian players were seen picking up the item in the penalty area, and the referee had to pause the game while clearing the area. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Meanwhile, Italy won a dramatic draw with Croatia to advance to the round of 16, and Croatia suffered the humiliation of being eliminated from the group qualifying round. England, which has taken over the baton, will face Slovenia and Serbia will face Denmark in the last Group C match on the 26th.

England has not yet confirmed its automatic advance to the round of 16, but it can take second place if it secures just one point. Slovenia, on the other hand, can rise to third place with one point if Serbia loses to Denmark, but only the top four of the six third-place teams can advance to the round of 16, so it should accumulate as many points as possible.



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