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Candidate Kim Min-jae to be released, possible sale of all Munich members

This is shocking news. Bayern Munich, Germany, has undergone a major reshuffle of its squad. Korea’s “monster defender” Kim Min-jae (28) may leave the team for the first time in a year.

“Munich has already hired a new center back named Hiroki Ito. He is also expected to bring in Jonathan Tar (Bayer Leverkusen). Therefore, Munich wants to send players who are in the center back position. It could be just one player,” TZ said.

Existing players can leave the team

Unlike last season, Munich’s center back depth has grown thicker. There are Kim Min-jae, Matthijs Dericht and Dayo Upamecano, while Eric Dier joined in January and Hiroki joined the team through the transfer market this summer. Munich is also trying to recruit Jonathan Tah, a defender of the German national team who led Leverkusen to an unbeaten Bundesliga win last season, and it has reached a state of saturation. Existing players can leave the team.

Among the existing center backs Kim Min-jae, Derricht, Upamecano and Dyer, Dyer is the only one who cannot be sold. “Dyer is the only central defender Munich is trying to sell this summer,” the media said. “Dyer has proven himself to be a reliable defensive leader. He also said, “I don’t have any complaints even if I don’t get paid a lot and don’t play.”

“Dericht and Upamecano can leave the team at any time if they receive a good offer,” he said. “It also applies to Kim Min-jae, who spent his first season with Munich.”

Center back Kim Min-jae, who represents Korean soccer, wore a Munich uniform after leading his team Napoli (Italy) to Serie A championship before the 2023 season. He played as a key member in the early days of the transfer, but was later pushed back in the competition to become a starting member. After going to the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar, he mostly stayed in the bench. In addition, he made a huge mistake in the match against Real Madrid (Spain), the semi-final of the European Champions League, putting him in even more crisis.

Kim Min-jae’s place could also be in danger

As expected, Kim expressed his intention to 토토사이트 and compete for the starting position. However, the coach’s plan has become so important that new coach Vansang Kompany will take the helm of Munich. If he overturns the center’s lineup, Kim’s position could be in danger.

Until now, Kim Min-jae has been linked to Serie A teams such as Juventus and Inter Milan, including his former team Napoli. Rumors have it that he urgently needs to recruit a new defender to Manchester United.

Rumors have emerged that Derricht and Upamecano could also transfer to the English Premier League, including Manchester United and Chelsea.

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