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Busan I-League in its third year, what parents say is the real function of the I-League

What do parents say about the i-League?

On the 30th, the third round of the ‘2024 Busan Basketball i-League’ was held at the Busan Sports Center. Four teams participated in the third round of the U12 Group A qualifiers: Hi-Sport, Hanurisport, New Kids Sport, Dougrit, and FunFunGym. The U12 division consists of eight teams divided into groups A and B. The teams play a first and second qualifying league, followed by a best-of-four tournament to determine the winner. The winners and runners-up will qualify for the 사설 토토사이트 I-League King of Kings in the second half of the year.

Hi-Sport, Hanurisport, and Dougrit are the three teams participating in the Busan I-League for the third year. The i-LEAGUE debuted in 2022 with the aim of providing opportunities for youth to participate in sports and contributing to health promotion through sports activities at the local level by establishing an integrated league that extends from the city’s districts to the metropolitan area.

In its third year, the program has seen positive changes in the aspiring basketball players’ physical and personality development. “I personally like the name ‘iLeague’,” said the mother of one of the students, who wished to remain anonymous. It conveys a positive image (laughs). The atmosphere is good and I’m happy that my kids are able to play a lot of games.”

“My child has been participating in the I-League for three years now, and unlike other basketball competitions, the overall atmosphere of the competition is one of having fun and not focusing on winning. Of course, there are many things to gain from winning and losing.” “Now, when I think of the I-League, I get nervous and somehow look forward to it. From this year, there will also be a king and queen tournament, so I’m looking forward to it even more,” he said.

Bae Ae-ran, the mother of Yeo Jun ‘Dougrit’ Lee, said, “After three years of participating in the iLeague, I’ve seen a lot of changes in his physical fitness and personality. He used to be introverted, but now he has a fighting spirit that was not there before, and he is more willing to socialize and take initiative as he often faces off against his friends from other basketball classes. I think this is also a net function of the I-League.”

We spoke with a few other parents, and the general consensus was similar. One parent said, “The iLeague has helped my kids gain experience in the real world,” while another said, “Basketball has given me a lot of common topics to talk about with my kids.

As such, the I-League is slowly establishing itself as a festival for youth recreational basketball aspirants who enjoy the game and love to sweat it out on the court, unlike elite competitions where wins and losses are important.




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