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Bentancur is facing disciplinary action for his racist comments.

For now, Son Heung-min, 32, has been forgiven. But he may not be able to avoid discipline at the English Football Association (FA) level. Rodrigo Bentancur (27, Tottenham Hotspur) is facing disciplinary action for his racist comments.

“Bentancur could face a suspension after saying ‘all Koreans look the same,'” the British newspaper The Times reported on Nov. 21.

“Bentancur told Uruguayan media that South Koreans look the same as teammate Son Heung-min,” the publication continued, “and he could be suspended. A suspension is a possibility. The FA is considering whether or not to discipline him,” it added.

While Son Heung-min has publicly stated that he had a good conversation with Bentancur, the racist remarks were aimed at Asians as a whole, and FA discipline is a separate matter. “Bentancur issued an apology, 토토사이트 and Son said he had spoken to him and that the matter was ‘now over,'” the Times said. But he could still face punishment from the FA. The body is investigating the matter.”

Bentancur is a Uruguayan international midfielder who joined Tottenham in January 2022.

He joined on loan and quickly earned a permanent move to the club after performing well enough to earn a regular spot. However, he suffered two long-term injury setbacks last year, with Bentancur’s return after eight months on the sidelines bringing tears to his eyes as he rejoiced with Son Heung-min, only to suffer another ankle injury.

After rehabilitation, Bentancur returned to the Uruguay national team for the 2023-2024 season, and he is preparing for the 2024 Copa America in the United States. He is expected to play as a central midfielder, wearing the No. 6 shirt, the symbol of a defensive midfielder.

However, Bentancur has been under fire for inappropriate comments. He made racist remarks about Asians, including teammate and captain Son Heung-min, when he was asked to wear a South Korean jersey by a host on Uruguayan program Por la Camisa. In effect, he asked for Tottenham captain Son Heung-min’s jersey.

“Sonny?” (Son’s nickname), Bentancur replied, and then made the offending remark. “What about his cousin, they all look the same anyway,” he said, 사설 토토사이트 to which the host laughed. The hosts chimed in and laughed along with him.

Of course, Bentancur’s dislike for Son Heung-min was more of a poorly thought-out joke than anything else.

However, it was a racist comment that showed that there is no difference in the way Asians look. It’s a testament to the prevalence of racism in South America. Even though he said that it’s not easy to tell the difference between different races when you’re not used to seeing them, it was an obvious mistake.

Naturally, the controversy grew, and Bentancur took to social media to apologize. “Sonny my brother! I apologize for what happened. It was a really bad joke, and I want you to know that I love you so much and would never disrespect or hurt you or anyone else! I love you brother,” he said, bowing his head.

But even here, he couldn’t escape the noise. Bentancur was criticized by some fans for posting his apology on Instagram Stories, which disappear within 24 hours of being posted. The apology has long since been taken down.

In addition, Bentancur made the mistake of writing “Sony” instead of “Sonny”. Sony is not Son Heung-min’s nickname, but the name of a Japanese electronics company. Most importantly, if Bentancur was truly remorseful, he should have admitted that he was insensitive to the racist remark and apologized for it. He shouldn’t have simply dismissed it as a “bad joke” and moved on.

Even after Bentancur’s 24-hour apology, fans continued to protest.

But he didn’t respond further, only sharing photos of the Uruguayan national team, and Tottenham remained silent. In fact, they were even criticized for deleting critical comments from fans. It was also reported that Tottenham didn’t respond quickly because the club was on vacation.

Regardless, the incident escalated. Kick It Out, an organization against racism in soccer, also threatened to take action. According to the BBC, “Kick It Out said it had received a significant number of reports about Bentancur’s comments. According to reports, many of the reports and protests have been forwarded to Tottenham and the relevant authorities.”

Son Heung-min stepped in to defuse the situation, tweeting on his personal social media account on Tuesday: “I spoke to Bentancur. He made a mistake and he knows it. He apologized. I’m sure he didn’t mean to say anything offensive. We are brothers, and nothing has changed. We are united by this. We’ll be back together in pre-season to fight for Tottenham,” he said, forgiving Bentancur.

Then Tottenham finally spoke up. “Following Mr. Bentancur’s interview comments and subsequent public apology, the club is supporting the matter to reach a positive outcome. This will include providing additional training to players on diversity, equality and more. “We are confident that Heung-min feels the matter has been resolved and we will fully support the team to focus on the new season,” the club said in a statement. “We will not tolerate any kind of discrimination in our territory and in the wider society.

Despite Son’s gracious forgiveness, the incident may not end there.

The FA’s disciplinary action is independent of the victim’s forgiveness. Furthermore, Bentancur’s comments are racist not only against Son, but against all Koreans and Asians in general.

Most importantly, Bentancur’s explanation that he had no intentions is unlikely to exonerate him. A simple joke is no excuse for racist remarks. In the past, the FA has punished players for racism regardless of their intentions.

In fact, five years ago, Bernardo Silva was fined £50,000 ($88,000) and suspended for one game for racially abusing a black man. At the time, he posted a childhood photo of Manchester City teammate Vincent Mendy on social media, alongside a picture of a character from a Spanish snack brand that looked like a black man, and wrote: “Guess who? In the wake of the controversy, Silva and Mendy said it was a friendly joke, but the FA deemed it racist and punished him.

Another Uruguayan striker, Edinson Cavani, also failed to escape disciplinary action in 2021 for inappropriate comments directed at a fan. 메이저 토토사이트 He was suspended for three games and fined £100,000 ($175.86 million) after thanking a fan for supporting him on social media while at Manchester United and calling him “Negrito”. Cavani claimed it was a term of endearment, but the FA didn’t buy it. Bentancur is expected to face a similarly severe punishment for his publicly racist comments.




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