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Arizona Charlie won more than $2.4 million in jackpot in February

Arizona Charlie’s Boulder, located at 4575 Boulder Why., and Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, located at 740 S. Decatur Blvd., awarded lucky guests a total of $2,408,800 in jackpots, including $2,162,313 in slot jackpots and $246,487 in bingo wins in February.

A lucky local won a substantial $22,016 prize during a game of a gin-du-jin slot machine at Charlie Boulder, Arizona, on Wednesday, Feb. 21. The winning streak led to an astonishing win in both locations, including an incredible $18,907 hit by a guest at Wicked Wheel at Charlie Boulder, Arizona, on Friday, Feb. 2, and another player who won $14,100 at the Dragon Link at Charlie Decatur, Arizona, on Tuesday, Feb. 20. Other notable victories this month included a local guest at Decatur who left with $12,835 after hitting a jackpot at Prosperity Link on Monday, Feb. 26, and an $18,800 prize by a video poker player at Boulder on Tuesday, Feb. 6. 실시간 바카라사이트


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