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AG men’s soccer’s Hwang Sun Hong-ho heads to China for final

Hwang Seon-hong, who will play men’s soccer at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, has left for Hangzhou, China.

The Asian Games men’s soccer team, led by coach Hwang Sun-hong, departed for China through Incheon International Airport on Saturday.

Korea will attempt to win its third consecutive men’s soccer title at the Asian Games, following Incheon 2014 and Jakarta-Palembang 2018.

The Koreans are in Group E and will play Kuwait on Sept. 19, Thailand on Sept. 21 and Bahrain on Sept. 24 at the Jinhua Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang, China.

Twenty-three nations will compete in six groups (four in Groups A-B-C-E-F and three in Group D), with the top two finishers in each group advancing to the round of 16.

The national team has been training since September 4 in Changwon, Gyeongnam, before traveling to Paju on the 12th and continuing their final tune-up in Paju on the 13th.

“We are well aware of how difficult and long it will be to challenge for a third consecutive Asian Games title,” said Hwang, adding, 카지노사이트 “Together with the players, we will do our best to achieve the desired goal with the spirit of ‘pabu chimjoo’ (破釜沈舟) with all our heart and soul.”

The phrase means “breaking the pot to cook rice and sinking the ship to return home,” which means to fight to the death.

“The goal is definitely gold,” said captain Baek Seung-ho (Jeonbuk), “and we’re determined to win the gold medal with a good performance from the first game.”

With just three days to go before the first match that will set the tone for the tournament, the team is still far from ‘complete’.

Wildcard fullback Seol Young-woo (Ulsan), who played full-time in both of Jürgen Klinsmann’s (GER) senior national team’s European A matches, joins the squad today, while injured ‘ace’ Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain-PSG) will travel directly to China.

Lee will travel to China after the team’s UEFA Champions League (UCL) group stage home match against Dortmund (GER) in the early morning hours of Sept. 20, and is expected to arrive in the evening of Sept. 21.

On the timing of Lee’s inclusion, Hwang said, “We need to calculate when Lee will be at his best. We will make a decision based on that aspect rather than using him quickly.”

As for Seol Young-woo, he said, “I think he needs time to adapt,” adding, “I will go to China to train with him, review his condition and adaptation, and use him.”

Despite not being able to be with the two players, Hwang was pleased with the preparations so far.

“The training went well as planned. The players are in good shape,” he said. “There are some areas that need to be fine-tuned, and we need to perfect them in the group stage.”

“There are still one or two positions that I’m worried about, but I’ll decide soon,” he said. “I didn’t expect Lee Kang-in to join the team from the beginning, so I had a plan and I’m not worried. We only have one day of rest after the first game, but we are also thinking about different rotations.” 슬롯



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