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Acting Director Kim Hyo-Beom’s Reflection on 42-Point Defeat

The 2023-2024 Professional Basketball Match between Seoul Samsung and Suwon KT was held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium on the afternoon of the 4th. Samsung lost 103-61. Players are disappointed after the match.

Seoul Samsung’s acting head coach Kim Hyo-beom, who failed to prevent his fifth consecutive home run, put the blame on himself for the result.

At the 2023-24 regular basketball league home game against Suwon KT held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Samsung lost 61-103. It lost five consecutive games at home and recorded its 23rd loss (five wins) in the league. On the same day, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, ranking ninth, won the game, widening the gap to three games.

Samsung had one win and two losses in the previous game against KT. Notably, Coffey Coburn displayed stellar performance and gained the upper hand over KT. However, Coburn has been closed due to an injury in the game against Goyang Sono at the end of last month. On the same day, Ishmael Lane had no choice but to play for a long time.

Until midway through the first quarter, the gap was not that big. KT’s three-point shootings turned a blind eye to the rim one after another, which was lucky. However, Samsung also had difficulties in shooting outside, and the gap widened further. Notably, the gap widened by 20 points at the end of the first half, and in the third quarter, the game effectively ended as Heo Hoon and Paris Bath failed to block showtime. It was the biggest loss by a score in this season.

“I was inferior in the rebound fight in the beginning, and I was behind in energy level,” Kim told reporters after the game. “What I told the players was that the result was my mistake,” Kim said soon after the game. Boxing out came before rebounding, but if the team emphasizes rebound, it will inevitably lose ground. As scores continue to widen in that area, it has become uncontrollable,” Kim added.

The 2023-2024 Professional Basketball Match between Seoul Samsung and Suwon KT was held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium on the afternoon of the 4th. Acting Samsung coach Kim Hyo-beom is encouraging players.

However, when reporters asked, “Players must have been aware of certain tasks,” acting coach Kim Hyo-beom said, “I was disappointed that I failed to point it out because I missed some parts. In the second half, I asked them to practice what I missed earlier. I need to make them practice more thoroughly about box-outs. Since people are animals of adaptation, they sometimes miss things when they don’t practice.”

Having lost two games in a row, Samsung is scheduled to play in a home game against No. 1 Wonju DB on June 6. However, it is still uncertain whether Coburn will play or not. “Just because we lost by 42 points doesn’t mean we are asking Coburn to play,” acting coach Kim Hyo-beom said. “We need to see what happens. I am more worried about Lane than Coburn. I think there is something uncomfortable about it. I will take care of all the players.”

When reporters asked about Samsung’s realistic goal for the rest of the season, acting coach Kim Hyo-beom said, “If I want to be greedy, I will set up an elite roster and accumulate wins in the second half after the All-Star break,” adding, “My goal is to lay the foundation for next season. I’ve said this since I was acting coach Lee Kyu-sup, but isn’t it just this year? There are many players who are creative and have a bright future. I think it will be important to lay the foundation.” 안전 토토사이트


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